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Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Australia is a partnership of AFAC, the national council for fire and emergency services, and FPA Australia representing the fire protection industry.

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Australia

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Australia (HFSCA) has been established to inform the public and industry stakeholders about the life-saving value of home fire sprinkler protection. HFSCA has been formed by AFAC (the National Council for Fire and Emergency services) and FPA Australia (Fire Protection Association Australia) to provide the leading national resource for independent, non-commercial information about home fire sprinklers.

Sprinklers protect what you value most!

Did you know a house fire can become deadly in as little as 3 minutes?
Sprinklers significantly reduce the environmental impact of a house fire.
Sprinklers are simple, effective and economical!
See for yourself how effective residential fire sprinklers are.