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Sprinkler specifications

The Coalition has worked hard to develop cost-effective residential fire sprinkler systems such as FPAA101H and FPAA101D, read about them below.

While the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition believe any appropriate fire sprinkler system is better than none. The Coalition has worked hard to develop cost-effective systems such as FPAA101H and FPAA101D.

What sprinkler systems are required in Australia?


This page describes the sprinkler system requirements for new buildings under the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the National Construction Code. It does not cover retrospective requirements for sprinkler systems such as those in NSW and Victoria for aged care buildings.

It also only includes the high level requirements.

Visit the ABCB website here and register for a free login to access the National Construction Code and to read the full detail of the requirements. The sprinkler requirements are found in Clause E1.5, Specification E1.5 and Specification E1.5a.

Buildings under 25 metres

The National Construction Code 2019 (NCC 2019) now requires new Class 2 and 3 buildings or any other class of building containing a Class 2 or 3 part to have sprinklers installed throughout the building if the building is 4 or more storeys and less than 25 metres in effective height.

These sprinkler systems can be to Australia Standards AS 2118.1 or AS 2118.4, or the newly developed FPA Australia Technical Specifications FPAA101D or FPAA101H.

Also, while the NCC 2019 does not require sprinklers in Class 2 and 3 buildings less than 4 storeys, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition recommends FPAA101D or FPAA101H be used in these buildings.

IMPORTANT: In exception to the above, the NCC 2019 requires all Class 3 buildings used as a “residential care buildings” (see NCC definition) to be sprinkler protected regardless of size and can only use an AS 2118.1 or AS 2118.4 system for these buildings.

Buildings over 25 metres

For all buildings over 25 metres, the NCC 2019 requires sprinkler systems to Australian Standards AS 2118.1 or AS 2118.6.

What is the difference between AS 2118.1 & AS 2118.4 and FPAA101D & FPAA101H?

The main difference between FPAA101D & FPAA101H and AS 2118.1 & AS 2118.4 is that FPAA101D & FPAA101H extend from an existing water supply system already required within the building (either drinking water or hydrant water supply) rather than a dedicated standalone sprinkler water supply.

Where do I get the necessary specifications?

You can purchase your copies of the Technical Specifications and associated Australian Standards from FPA Australia: