Side-by-side Burn Demonstration

In April 2019, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition and Fire + Rescue NSW held a Side-by-side burn to demonstrate the effectiveness of residential fire sprinklers.

2 identical rooms were built and furnished, the only difference was that one included residential sprinklers built to the FPAA101D specifications.

The unsprinklered room flashed over reaching a maximum temperature of 1,245° C. The room with sprinklers reached a maximum of just 90° C and the fire spread was limited to just 1 metre in diameter.

The unsprinklered room would not have been survivable by any occupant and increased the risk to responding firefighters. The presence of sprinklers in the other room increases the life safety of occupants and firefighters and minimise the environmental impact resulting from toxic smoke and reconstruction after fire damage.

Short Version

Side-by-Side Video

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Side-by-Side Video

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